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Starting a business in the health food industry

If you didn’t already know; Simara Blends was born in 2015 when our founder Michael noticed a pain point for Cafes and their consumers. He noticed that Cafes were limited in only having a small range of hot beverage options for their customers and he wanted to create a solution.


The Health Food industry is an ever-growing market with millennial’s taking over the healthy eating group at %32 enjoying eating healthier, fresher foods.


So, it’s no secret that health foods are the way of the future. Whilst our products focus on quality and taste; they are still Vegan, Caffeine-Free or Low-Caffeine and Gluten Free.


Not to toot our own horn but we believe that focussing on the quality and taste of your products like we have can have a big impact on how your business may fair out there.


So, without further ado, here are our top 4 tips on starting a business within the Health Food Industry in 2020.


1.     Think about your strengths & what area you’re truly passionate about.


This is the biggest, and we believe; most crucial part of starting your own small business. This business will likely become like your baby. If it involves something you’re genuinely passionate about then you’re going to care more about your products, your customer’s needs and your whole business in general.


2.     Find your gap in the market.

Simara Blends was born from the need of a unique product that cafes could use to strengthen their business and their offering. 

Think about what kind of unique product you could create. Maybe the product itself isn’t unique but your branding, delivery, packaging or business model is.


3.     Think about your customers. Who are they? What do they look like? What are their pain points surrounding the health food industry and products similar to yours?


Creating a Buyer persona can be helpful during this stage. Jot down some key points of who you think your ideal customer is. Try to make these as specific as possible. What do they look like? What age are they? What gender? What is their income like? Give them a name (this helps with visualisation).


You may have multiple buyer persona’s in mind, but it will help you a lot when starting your business to have a clear idea of who your ideal customer is.


4.     Find quality ingredients and products for your business.

Sourcing great ingredients for a great price can be hard sometimes, and often it’s a process of trial and error. We suggest doing extensive research to learn more about specific flavours, ingredients and what the difference between local & international food products will mean for your business.


We hope our tips have encouraged you to take the leap and start up your own Health Food Brand. Knowing you’re bringing a product to people that almost anyone can enjoy, is a thrill in itself.


Happy learning people!

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Starting a business in the health food industry
If you didn’t already know; Simara Blends was born in...
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