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The perfect iced latte

Now we know you may be wanting to dust those cooking skills off from the box they’ve been hiding in for the past 5 years due to finally having time in isolation… But we thought we’d give you something easy to start off with.

Here’s how to make the perfect iced latte with each of our blends for those warm days – or as the perfect thirst quencher after a home workout (see our favourite yoga instructor for Inspo) – whatever you please.

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For this recipe, you will need at least a sample size of whichever blend you want to use.

–       1tsp of your Simara blend of choice

–       Your choice of milk (we have recommendations for each blend)

–       Ice



1.    Add 1 heaped teaspoon of Simara Blends powder of choice to your favourite tall glass – we love these cute ones from Urban Outfitters.

2.    Mix (or preferably whisk) with a dash of hot water for 20 seconds or until mixture is visibly smooth.

3.    Fill glass halfway with ice.

4.    Pour in cold milk to fill the glass.


And voìla! Seems easy enough, right? Well, trust me, it’s all in the finer details. We believe having the perfect milk (We use dairy free for the majority of our blends) is imperative to your iced latte turning out the best it possibly can.


Our milk recommendations are:

Matcha Latte Blend: Coconut Milk

Turmeric Latte Blend: Coconut Milk

Beetroot Latte Blend: Oat Milk

Purple Potato Latte Blend: Oat Milk

Chai Latte Blend: Oat Milk

Charcoal Latte Blend: Soy Milk

Butterfly Pea Latte Blend: Oat Milk

Rooibos Latte Blend: Coconut Milk

Turmeric Cocoa Blend: Full Cream Milk

Beetroot Cocoa Blend: Full Cream Milk

Dutch Cocoa Blend: Full Cream Milk

Nectar Chai: Soy Milk

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Or, make it yourself! It’s incredibly easy to make Almond Milk, Oat Milk, Cashew Milk and many other plant based milks…. In fact, we may have another sneaky blog post coming up about this soon. But for now, check this article out for more info.

Thanks for reading guys! See you next week. xx

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