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The perfect green smoothie

If you are obsessed with the flavours in this Matcha, Fig & Melon Smoothie Bowl and we’ve decided that you MUST try it.  Whether you’re a smoothie bowl veteran or new to the game this recipe is sure to be a pleaser. Packed with fresh fruit and unique Matcha flavor you just can’t go wrong.

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The perfect iced latte

Now we know you may be wanting to dust those cooking skills off from the box they’ve been hiding in for the past 5 years due to finally having time in isolation… But we thought we’d give you something easy to start off with. Here’s how to make the perfect iced latte with each of

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Our top 8 superfoods

Now more than ever the world has a huge need for healthy food & drinks. But, many of us may need help in boosting our immunity and nourishing our guts. The current health crisis has forced us to take a second look at our diets and really delve into the whole “my body is a

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The superfood dalgona recipe you need to try

Ok, we’re seriously excited for this recipe.   If you’ve been on tiktok recently (which we are ashamed to say – we have), you may have seen the “Dalgona” Coffee craze that’s been making the rounds.   Everybody’s been going CRAZY for the Dalgona Coffee Trend. Whilst the original recipe calls for instant espresso and

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Starting a business in the health food industry

If you didn’t already know; Simara Blends was born in 2015 when our founder Michael noticed a pain point for Cafes and their consumers. He noticed that Cafes were limited in only having a small range of hot beverage options for their customers and he wanted to create a solution.   The Health Food industry

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Beetroot summer smoothie

We’re back at it again with another delish recipe that’s sure to get those taste bud’s tingling! You know those mornings where you’re feeling a bit sluggish; maybe you didn’t sleep well or you stayed up watching The Bachelor until the wee hours of the morning (hey, no judgement here!). Well, if you’re having one

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