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The superfood dalgona recipe you need to try

Ok, we’re seriously excited for this recipe.


If you’ve been on tiktok recently (which we are ashamed to say – we have), you may have seen the “Dalgona” Coffee craze that’s been making the rounds.


Everybody’s been going CRAZY for the Dalgona Coffee Trend. Whilst the original recipe calls for instant espresso and sugar, we know (and so do our customers) that not everyone likes coffee, can tolerate it or want to have it in their diet.


This is often due to the negative side-effects of Caffeine on the body. Which can include; higher levels of anxiety, an increase in confusion if over-stimulated, headaches, jitters and irritability.


So, without further ado let us introduce you to….. Superfood Dalgona! We love the versatility of our blends and the natural ingredients within them. If you want to read more about superfood’s and their benefits, check this blog out.


The best part about this recipe is that not only is it 2020 approved, totally #grammable and absolutely delicious, but it’s also completely Vegan! So, for all of our plant-based customers, this one’s for you!


This recipe takes our Iced Latte to the next level. With a cold, creamy base of your favourite plant-milk (this recipe calls for coconut) and a whipped topping that tastes like a colourful cloud, you can’t miss out on trying this one at home.

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Thank You to our beautiful customer Tamara Bhagoe for this recipe. We love seeing your creations! Be sure to check out her food blog for more vegan recipes like this! You can find her at Dutchveganlife on Fb and Instagram.


This recipe yields 2 servings.



 ·       1/4 cup aquafaba

·       1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar

·       2–3 tablespoons powdered sugar

·       2 teaspoons Simara Latte Blend powder of choice. (Beetroot or Matcha Dalgona have been the faves so far!)

·       Plant-based milk of your choice. We used coconut.

·       Ice cubes



1.      Place the aquafaba in a large mixing bowl along with the cream of tartar. (Make sure your bowl is totally fat free) Whisk on high speed until the aquafaba becomes fluffy and thick. This can take around 8 minutes.

2.     When your mixture starts forming thick peaks add 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar. Add the rest of the sugar little by little until fully incorporated. 

3.     Add the Matcha or Beetroot powder and keep mixing until you see a uniform colour.

4.     Fill two glasses with ice and coconut milk, and sprinkle some of your chosen blend on top.


Extra hot tip:

For a Matcha Dalgona add coconut flakes on top. For Beetroot add sprinkles!


*** What is Aquafaba:

It is the liquid leftover from cooked chickpeas. It performs as a great substitute for eggs.

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