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The Simara Blends Story

At Simara we simply love people and the feeling they get when partnering with us. We aim to inspire our customers to try something different at home or their local coffee shop.

For many years there have been limited hot beverage options at coffee shops, whether it’s a pot of english breakfast tea, hot chocolate or a freshly brewed coffee. We wanted to make things a little interesting and create a whole new menu of Specialty Latte drinks ranging from Turmeric, Matcha, Beetroot, Butterfly Pea, Rooibos, Charcoal, Purple Potato, Chai and our delicious cocoa blends Turmeric Cocoa, Beetroot Cocoa. & Dutch Cocoa. The simple preparation, flavour, texture and colour appeal to consumers looking to cut out caffeine, whether they are Mum’s, into Yoga, Health & Wellness, Barista’s, or Cafe’s looking to increase their offering. Partner with a brand that cares about adding flavour to your life and value to your business. 

We offer support and training, recipes and ideas so you can get the most out of each product. 

Our Mission

Craft the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire others

Founder & Master Blender: Michael Allegretta

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