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Matcha vs coffee. What’s really good for your body?

Is Matcha just an Instagrammers dream? Or is it a viable alternative to drinking coffee every day? 

You may have heard about the Matcha vs coffee debate….Matcha DOES have caffeine in it, so why is it a great coffee alternative? 

Well, let us break it down for you. The caffeine comparison between matcha and coffee is 34mg in 1 gram of Matcha compared to coffee which has 60mg in 4 grams. 

Take a look at this data from Epic Matcha: 

As you can see, coffee is missing out on many of the nutrients found in Matcha, with a similar level of caffeine when you’re having a standard cup of coffee in comparison with a standard matcha Latte. 

Whilst you need less Matcha than coffee to get that caffeine hit, Matcha can be more expensive. 

However, we believe that the extra nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that you receive from Matcha makes the price so, SO worth it! 

Matcha also boasts a 4-6 hour energy boost. As opposed to coffee which gives you a spike of energy often for the first 5-45 minutes of having your coffee.

This also leads you to feel as though you need another coffee, and another…and another. When really, it’s just the spike and drop on energy released from the Caffeine that’s making you feel this way.

So while Matcha can be more expensive than coffee, if you find yourself needing multiple coffees a day it could be more expensive to buy coffee. 

With that said, here are some of the reasons why we prefer matcha over coffee;

  1. They have similar caffeine content, however, matcha keeps you energised for longer with a slower release. 
  2. Matcha contains nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that coffee doesn’t such as Vitamin A and Vitamin C. 
  3. Matcha contains L-theanine; a compound that changes the way your body processes caffeine. This produces a state of ‘calm alertness’. No coffee jitters or headaches here!
  4. Matcha has antibacterial properties that can actually help your oral health as opposed to coffee which can leave you with ‘coffee breath’ and stained teeth. 
  5. Matcha can increase your Metabolism and help you burn calories faster. Ever seen those weight loss teas? Well, matcha’s kiiiiindd of like the original weight loss drink (without the false expectations and exaggerations). 
  6. It’s delicious! 

Although matcha can be an acquired taste, there’s a reason so many people around the world are obsessed with it. 

Try adding some honey to your Matcha if you’re making it at home if it seems a bit strong at first. A good Matcha shouldn’t be too bitter, so look for quality powder and a bright green colour in your Matcha. 

And wouldn’t you know…our Matcha Latte Blend is of high quality and it comes with coconut sugar pre-blended. Our Matcha Latte Blend has the perfect balance between bitter and sweet. 

Looking for Matcha recipe ideas? Try our Vegan Matcha Dalgona recipe or our Matcha Green Smoothie Bowl recipe. (You won’t regret it!) 


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